So it comes as no surprise since we haven’t heard anything about it, anyway, but the official word is R.E.M. is not touring with the new record, “Collapse Into Now,” due out March 8. The ever lovely Bertis Downs, R.E.M. manager, said the simple answer is the band doesn’t tour with every album and this is one of those cases.

In the meantime, you can listen to the four-song sampler and check out videos via the HQ.

Downs is also still keeping quiet on the whole Steeple issue, and said he was glad I didn’t ask him about it. So we can figure he and the band have been getting an earful.  

In my fantasy scenario, the money fairy would fly down from heaven and dump a few million on someone to turn the Print Shop into the Athens Music History Museum, with the Steeple as a super-cool little outpost — all that complete with a handsome salary to pay some fine Athens music historians to keep it going.


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    Not good at all, I had to miss out on the last tour! Hopefully there’ll be another tour sometime soon though, fingers...
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    This actually made me cry.
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    on the home front..
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